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Last updated: 29 December 2014
Latest version:

You can now try out an early pre-alpha builder release where you can try building a vehicle and driving it around the test map!


Windows: Windows XP or newer
Mac: OS X 10.6 or newer
Linux: Tested on Ubuntu

Requires a graphics card that supports Shader Model 2.0 (DirectX 9).
Supports screen resolutions of 800×600 and up.


The Readme file that comes with the game has a list of controls, or check out the key config tab in the game options.


  • This isn’t a full¬†game. What it is is a functional vehicle builder where you can build a vehicle and test drive it around. This is an early release to give the community something fun to play with.
  • If you find a bug or get a crash, you’re welcome to report it:


You use this software at your own risk. Moment Studio claims no liability for data loss or other issues causes directly or indirectly by the software.