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Scraps version

Refactored a bunch of code today and hopefully fixed the “phantom damage” bug once and for all.

2015-07 –
– Refactored some vehicle communication, attempting to fix for the “phantom damage” on spawn
– Probably fixed vehicles occasionally loading in incorrectly with “floating” parts as well

I do want to apologise for the fact that updates have mostly just been bug-fixing so far (although it is also only 1½ weeks since release). Always best to make things stable as-is before adding more! New stuff soon.


Working on “phantom damage” in multiplayer (v0.5.0.13)

Hi Scraps people.

A few players have reported getting “phantom damage” in Internet multiplayer – damage that seems to come from nowhere, often just after spawning in. It seems to occur mostly when servers have a bunch of people on who all have different latencies.

I just want to let you know that I’m looking into it, though so far it’s been hard to track down. I’ve just updated the game with some conservative attempts at potential fixes, and I’ve created this thread in the community forums:

Would be cool if someone wants to let me know if things seem any better, or the same.

LAN and single-player seem safe from this bug, though let me know if your experience differs.

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Scraps one week on

Right, first week of release report. I’ve been doing mostly marketing work recently, a lot of that being contacting various press, YouTubers etc. That’s starting to wind down – there’s a point eventually where you’ve contacted and followed up everyone on your list – so I’ll be getting back into mostly working on the game from tomorrow.

Reception And Feedback

So far the reception has been excellent and I’m happy that people are enjoying this game that I’ve been working on for a long time. I’ve also got some valuable feedback, and the next few updates will focus on gameplay balance and improvements including:

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Scraps version

Another small patch release rather than a big serious update today. I want to get things stable before starting to really add and change features again and a few issues are still cropping up.

Scraps updates will get bigger but a bit further apart soon – I just don’t like to leave things broken!

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Scraps version

Bit of an emergency patch update today. I discovered a bug that was introduced in the previous update where vehicles could fail to load properly when joining multiplayer games, causing invisible vehicles.

It’s been very busy with game issues to fix and release marketing to do and unfortunately that one slipped through testing. Will try to make sure nothing that serious gets through again. Luckily in this case it also only took a few minutes to find and fix.

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Scraps version

Small update today:

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