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Scraps is now available to buy on Steam! 25% Off during Early Access.

Scraps v0.5.2.7

A small maintenance update today to bug-fix a few things.
– No more bouncing dock icon for the server on Mac.
– Fixed server framerate being lower when running in -batchmode on Mac.
– Fixed a bug where the screen could fade out and stay white if evac ended right as a part was destroyed.
– Several other small bugfixes.

Also, to the person that asked me in-game the other day about getting access to the textures file: I’m afraid it turned out to be not that simple, so I haven’t made that available. However, re our discussion of making it possible to run a dedicated Internet server and connect to it on the same Steam account over LAN, I’m working on it.

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Scraps now available on Mac OSX and Linux

Right, packages are updated, depots uploaded, boxes ticked, requirements filled out, game updated, testing completed, and Scraps versions for Mac and Linux are now available alongside Windows.

They’re all fully cross-compatible so you should be able to play in the same game with people from all three OS’s.

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Scraps coming to Mac OSX and Linux on the 28th

Just a short announcement that the Scraps Mac and Linux versions are set for a Monday September 28th release on Steam, and are looking good.

Some Scraps players on the forum have also been organising a time to join multiplayer, so if you want to get in some multiplayer when there’re people on, check out this thread:

The scheduled one right now is for 8pm EDT on the 19th. That’s midnight UTC. Here’s a timezone converter that should tell you when that is in your local time.

Edit: I originally wrote the 18th for the scheduled game. Corrected to the 19th as above.


Scraps v0.5.2.0 – Large chassis option, weapon variants, performance work

Scraps version is now live on Steam. I’ll go into some more detail but here’s the changelog first:

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Coming Soon to Scraps

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last update so I’d like to show what’s going on, even though there’s about a week remaining until the next update.

Large chassis:

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Adding a subtitle: Modular Vehicle Combat

It’s been suggested to me that the name “Scraps” on its own is not very searchable. Despite the fact the Google loves to return me Scraps game related results, I’m very much inclined to agree. I must concede that Google certainly knows I search for Scraps the game a lot, and other types of scrap… never.

Therefore Scraps shall henceforth officially include a subtitle: Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat.

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