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Scraps v0.5.5.0: The Plasmanator Update

The first week after I made the Gauntlet announcement post was a bit of a mess and I didn’t have a lot of time for Scraps work. It was getting near time for an update post and I was left wondering what I could make the next one about. What could I do in a couple of days or so? I didn’t really want to do another small Gauntlet mode work post because that’s all I’ve been doing for a while.

So my decision was, you know what, it’s time to take a short break from the new game mode work and put something new in the game, for the players.

I looked through my figurative bag of potential parts to add and the Plasmanator came out.


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Weapon preview

Since I’m being slow with the next update post, here’s a sneak preview.


Not-so-secret new content preview #10/10: Gauntlet

The new singleplayer Scraps game mode I’m working on is called Gauntlet.


You know how games are prone to having some sort of epic conflict you’ve got to resolve? Yeah well, here that conflict happened, and now it’s long over, and it left only ruins behind.

Here, we fight over the scraps.

And there’s one place with the biggest stockpile of scrap of all. And it’s well defended. But you’re already on the road.

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Scraps v0.5.4.5

Just a small update mostly fixing a couple of issues with the previous release.

2016-6 –
– Improved in-game camera collision avoidance
– Made damage label colour more obvious
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed power management bug in previous release
– Fixed false cheat flags

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Super secret new content preview #9/10: Cold water

I’ve been working on the third and final terrain type I want for the initial release of the new singleplayer mode. To complement the existing Earth/Fire worlds, the next element is Water. Cold water.


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Scraps v0.5.4.4

No special preview this week I’m afraid, but there is a game update.

I didn’t intend to do an update right at this moment but I’ve finally, finally fixed a memory leak on the Scraps server that I’ve been trying to track down for months. I’ve been looking at it on and off in the evenings so that it didn’t impact development on the game, but I’ve also really wanted to get it fixed. If you ran a game, even a single-player one, for a long time with lots of vehicles being spawned and destroyed, it’d eventually mess up and weird things would start to happen – like all damage would stop registering. It also meant that dedicated servers needed much closer supervision than they should have needed.

In the meantime while I’ve been working on the new game mode I’ve also been fixing other things, so there are some other bonus changes here as well.

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