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What’s with all the crosshairs?

The last two weeks have had a lot of minor bug fixing and various small stuff that isn’t really worth talking about, so let’s talk about Scraps’ aiming system.

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Small builder demo update (0.3.1)

The recent demo update was a big jump from the last version so there were bound to be a few un-spotted issues with it. I’ve just updated it to fix a few things.

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Builder demo update – New parts, new in-game GUI, bug fixes etc

The Scraps Builder Demo version is now available, bringing a lot of changes from the internal dev version of the game to the demo.

You can download it here as usual.


2014-12 –
- New Plasma Artillery and Medium Laser weapons
– New cooling parts and a heat management system
– Updated, auto-scaled in-game GUI
– Test map cubes are a bit harder to destroy
– Can now drag parts from the inventory on the build screen (clicking is still suggested, because you can rotate the view while holding parts)
– Real-time shadows and baked shadows work at the same time
– More bump mapping etc in terrain graphics
– Major game performance boost
– Partial redesign of cockpit part
– Build screen categories are now icons with tooltips
– Tooltips show right away on Build screen parts, and sometimes have some more information than before
– Updated the game engine from Unity 4.5 to 4.6
– Improvement to part pickup so held parts are more centered on the mouse
– Some driving physics tweaks (still needs some major work at some point)
– Some weapons now have a max range
– Finally changed Test Map skybox to something that isn’t one of the ones that comes with Unity
– Major balance pass to part stats. Many costs and other stats of parts have been adjusted
– Can’t watch vehicles being built while loading them anymore. Sorry.
- NOTE: The cockpit vis check camera had to change a little, which may potentially make previously OK vehicles not OK
- NOTE2: Large cannon collider also changed a little – this could invalidate parts on old vehicles
- NOTE3!: Gunpowder weapons now need mostly cooling instead of power
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed vehicle naming so “New Vehicle” isn’t reused when a vehicle of that name already exists
– Stopped smoke moving in the “up” direction of the vehicle instead of world-space up
– Fixed large cannon barrel starting partially retracted
– SMG auto-adjust for really old vehicle saves now handles rotated SMGs correctly
– Various other small fixes


Weapons, part stat balancing, working on cleanup for a builder demo update


All parts that I want to be in for the initial alpha release are now done.

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Working on some new parts

Recently I’ve been finally adding some new parts that are needed for the full version. Remember this diagram from the Kickstarter?

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Report on Scraps at PAX Australia 2014

I’m back from PAX Australia. What a huge event. The Melbourne Convention centre is massive, lots of people came though, lots of cool games that I wish I had more time to check out.


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