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Scraps v0.5.4.4

No special preview this week I’m afraid, but there is a game update.

I didn’t intend to do an update right at this moment but I’ve finally, finally fixed a memory leak on the Scraps server that I’ve been trying to track down for months. I’ve been looking at it on and off in the evenings so that it didn’t impact development on the game, but I’ve also really wanted to get it fixed. If you ran a game, even a single-player one, for a long time with lots of vehicles being spawned and destroyed, it’d eventually mess up and weird things would start to happen – like all damage would stop registering. It also meant that dedicated servers needed much closer supervision than they should have needed.

In the meantime while I’ve been working on the new game mode I’ve also been fixing other things, so there are some other bonus changes here as well.

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Super secret new content preview #8/10: Desert landscape

For the new singleplayer game mode I need three maps to start off with.

You’ve seen the initial Gorge map:

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Super secret new content preview #7/10: Procedural and hand-crafted

This update is going to end up giving away a bit about the new game mode but that’s OK, I’ll explain everything at preview #10 and that’s not too far off anyway.

So, in the new game mode I wanted levels that are a bit different every time. Each one short but always something new. The standard solution to that is to use procedural generation, and have the code create something that’s different every time. But procedural can also mean bland, generating the same things with the same rules in different places, and for every game where it works well there’s one where it doesn’t.

I’m taking a sort of a hybrid approach here which with some luck will almost give you the best of both worlds. Here’s a complete map for one “world”:

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Preview #7/10 next weekend

Hi, I’ve still got a bit of work to do on what I want to show for the next preview unfortunately, so it’ll have to come next weekend. Sorry!


Super secret new content preview #6/10: Less of a preview, more of a discussion

For the first couple of days this week I was working on something that I then decided against. I’ve got other work done but it’s not really ready to show, it’s mostly just code that doesn’t visibly do anything yet. So let’s talk about the other thing I was working on because I’m interested in what people think as well. I do apologise that this isn’t much of an interesting “preview.”

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Super secret new content preview #5/10