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Super secret new content preview #3/10

This week I made a flying drone enemy type.


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Super secret new content preview #2/10

I made some stationary gun turrets to use for the currently-in-development new game mode.


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Super secret new content preview #1/10


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Scraps v0.5.4.2

I just wanted to do a small fix-up update today to tidy some things up:

2016-3 –
– Some performance improvements, mainly on CPU (the previous terrain graphics upgrade made CPU performance worse)
– Added some grungy texture to scene objects in general
– No more lag spike (one-frame FPS drop) the first time wreckage spawns
– Added a little help dialog thing when first playing a game to point out adding AI players
– Added hover tooltips to the server list that show the full game name, in case it doesn’t fit
Bug Fixes:
– Got rid of grass growing through evac pads on the test map
– Missing button click sounds added to lobby screen
– Fixed AI info in the server list going away after 30 mins when the lobby refreshed

By the way, I’m also aware that running the game in DirectX 9 mode (if you don’t have a DirectX 11 compatible graphics card) at the moment causes some issues with how the terrain looks. I’m looking into it.


Scraps v0.5.4.1

– Main Menu layout changes
– AI players now show in the server info
– If an AI player gets kicked from a game by a human player joining with no free slots, when a slot is free again they’ll now come back… for revenge
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed rotation range calc bug
– Fixed “aim sphere” rotation range visual bug
– Fixed null reference exception that occurred on dedicated servers in no-GUI mode with the new terrain
– Fixed music player playing the wrong track if the track was changed and then changed back to the original track while the original track was still fading out

The main menu looks different, but it’s actually the same functionally. The main aim is just to sort of encourage starting games that other people can join, but it also makes room for introducing a new game mode later.

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Scraps v0.5.4.0

The latest Scraps update adds a little air control, a save format upgrade, tweaked weapon hit forces, and a terrain graphics upgrade.

Full changelog:

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