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Working on the ability to join games at any time

I did make my scoreboard system functional after the last update, which was a nice opportunity to make some AI vehicles battle each other and see how their different difficulty levels stacked up.scoreLeft column is Randomly selected AI player name + its difficulty setting. Points is “kills” and Lost is “deaths”. Looking OK; Medium needs a bit of a difficulty nerf.

But mostly I’ve been working on players being able to join games that are already in progress.

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This week we learn about bugs

Hello again in 2015.

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What’s with all the crosshairs?

The last two weeks have had a lot of minor bug fixing and various small stuff that isn’t really worth talking about, so let’s talk about Scraps’ aiming system.

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Small builder demo update (0.3.1)

The recent demo update was a big jump from the last version so there were bound to be a few un-spotted issues with it. I’ve just updated it to fix a few things.

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Builder demo update – New parts, new in-game GUI, bug fixes etc

The Scraps Builder Demo version is now available, bringing a lot of changes from the internal dev version of the game to the demo.

You can download it here as usual.

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Weapons, part stat balancing, working on cleanup for a builder demo update


All parts that I want to be in for the initial alpha release are now done.

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