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Development, development, development

So what has been happening with Scraps in the last two weeks? Let’s find out…

One thing I did was switch the whole terrain effects system around because previously, each vehicle would check through each of its wheels and see if it was touching the ground, and if it was, it’d generate the appropriate effects for the terrain underneath (like grass particles, dust clouds etc).

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Progress on Dust Bowl map and gameplay elements

As mentioned in the last fortnightly update, work in the last couple of weeks has been a bit disrupted since I was also moving house.

Here’s a video showing a bit of new content though:

What I called “Repair Pads” last time should probably be called Evac Pads. I could allow them to repair your vehicle just by sitting on top of it, but there are a few potential issues with that system:

- It could repair damaged parts, but it probably shouldn’t magically re-create destroyed parts
- You’d have no opportunity to spend collected scrap metal on new parts, only on repairs
- Most importantly I think, it’d be easy for one player or team of players to sit on a repair pad and gain a big advantage against everyone else trying to get to it

So at the moment at least, repair pads are “evac pads.” Entering its area of influence “calls an evac”, which starts a countdown timer until the evac arrives. At the end of the countdown, the actual evac starts and you’re beamed up back to the build screen, where you can repair, rebuild, and then re-deploy at any time. You can exit the evac pad at any time during the countdown or beam up sequence to cancel the process.


Fixes for the builder release:

A few bugs have been found and fixed in the builder release since I last mentioned the version release, some more serious than others. I also managed to reduce the download size a bit so it’s only around 40MB now instead of 60. Nothing’s removed, it’s mostly just got better compression.

Fixes since
- Fixed a minor bug with part snapping and rotated parts
- Fixed a weapon rotation range calculation bug
- Fixed in-game camera clipping through objects and doing other weird stuff
- Fixed a vehicle spinner bug
- Fixed jittering of snapped (but not placed) parts while the vehicle is moving
- Stopped mouse being grabbed on the initial loading screen
- Fixed a bug with picking up parts in stacks in certain situations, which would leave the parts on the vehicle but remove their mass


Scraps fortnightly update #3: Working on a map

This week has been a little disrupted and the next two weeks are going to be worse, because I’m moving house. However:


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12 Comments – Weapon rotation fix

Hey, I missed a pretty bad weapon rotation bug in yesterday’s release. May I please direct you to download the fixed version? Sorry about that.


Scraps fortnightly update #2: Big performance improvements in the builder demo

For the past few weeks I’ve been working on fixing bugs, improving performance where it was particularly bad, and generally cleaning things up to make way for smooth future development. That work is complete for now, and since it’s all underlying mechanics stuff, it can also be ported into the builder demo release.

Consequently, the builder release version is now available for download with the following changes:

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