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Scraps will be available on Steam in 1 days

The Final Countdown

So, the release is very soon – although my fellow NZ and Australian people should note that the release will be on Wednesday morning for us. For those of you in the US it will be on Tuesday afternoon.

I commissioned a piece of Scraps art to use as the header image on Steam and other places. Check this out:

Scraps art

The game itself is looking good and stable, and I’ve been making a few small updates over the last week to fix minor issues and make a few improvements. A few videos have also started to appear from people with pre-release keys. I like this one for instance:

And this:

I’ve also been sending out tons of personalised emails to press, YouTubers, Twitch streamers etc which takes forever. And I’ve got some more of that to do now.


Closing in on release

All game components are complete for release now, everything just needs some final testing. I’ll be sending out game keys to Scraps Kickstarter backers in the next couple of days, which should provide some interesting real-world use. Then press, then full release.

Demo Update

I have one last trick up my sleeve. The demo has been upgraded* – it’s now a demo and LAN joiner. That’s right:

Only one person needs to own the game to play on LAN.

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Scraps Early Access release coming July 7th

Barring any major issues, a July 7th release on Windows is looking good. Mac/Linux coming soon. Thanks for sticking around this long. :) Here’s a new trailer:


Release plans

Four weeks ago I gave an estimate that Scraps might be about 3 months from release, which would put it at two months away now. However in something of a departure from the norm, things seem to be going better than I anticipated. I won’t go so far as to announce an official release date just yet but I wouldn’t be surprised if it’s around end-of-June for the Windows version.

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What’s Left

I showed one of the help screens last time. Here’s all of them:

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Help screens, Internet play, the usual miscellanea

I think I have about three months of work left to do including finishing the game itself, marketing work like making a new trailer, and a final testing run; not too bad considering the long 2½ years it’s taken so far.

Right now I’m making some in-game help, for those people who are going to be playing this having never seen the game before and who really won’t know where to start. It’s a few static screens for the moment. I’m a fan of context-based help that hands out the info when you need it, but that can wait for a future version.

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