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Scraps v0.5.3.1

Today’s Scraps update doesn’t change anything exactly, but the install size of the game is now almost half what it was!

Basically there was a lot of duplication between the main game and server components. This was OK when the game was very small anyway, but it’s been getting steadily bigger, so I’ve refactored things so there’s no separate server app at all anymore. Now a server is just the main game with a server flag passed in, and all the duplication is gone. You can still host a game and play on it at the same time.

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Scraps v0.5.3.0

The latest Scraps release is again focused on fixing bugs and generally making the core game better. In the background I’ve also been working on the new Singleplayer mode, but that’s not ready to show off just yet.
– More efficient shader/material usage for environmental stuff
– Bigger shockwaves move faster (just looks better)
– Some new destruction FX
– Fixed some lightmapping glitches and improved some normal maps on terrain
– Added some new stuff on the test map that I’ve been creating for the upcoming singleplayer game mode
– Using the lowpassed music track in the lobby instead of the full one, it’s more chill
– Added an additional vertical adapter block
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed multiple issues where games could get stuck at Dropship In Transit when starting games. Please let me know if this happens to you after this update
– Fixed AI sometimes being lazy and just hanging out until being destroyed for the first time, causing it to henceforth spring into life
– Fixed game start failing if scrap limit was changed lower, then deploy clicked right away, causing the limit to lower and make a vehicle selection invalid
– Fixed some incorrect cube weights on the Test Map
– Fixed shockwaves sometimes not showing up when they should

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Working on a new game mode

It’s been a bit longer than usual since the last Scraps update, so I just want to give some reassurance that I’m still working hard on things. There was a little time off over Christmas and New Years, but recently I’m working on something that I’ve alluded to a little in the past: A major new single-player game mode. My thoughts are that it should help a lot to flesh out the game content whether or not Internet multiplayer numbers pick up. I won’t go into details of how it’ll play just yet because I’m still testing things out myself, but I will in the near future. I think it’ll be a lot of fun.

The new mode is pretty major, and is going to take several months to finish completely. I’ll attempt to get some stuff out to try earlier, but I’ll also keep doing some smaller game updates in the meantime regardless. The next game update will be next weekend but it’ll be mostly bug fixes and minor improvements. Still, things are happening, and I’ll have more to show soon.


Scraps v0.5.2.15

This update is mainly lots of bug fixing and code cleanup behind the scenes. I also did a smaller v0.5.2.14 update that I didn’t make an update post for earlier, which improved CPU performance.

The specifics:

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Three years of Scraps development (image heavy)

Here’s a bit of a Scraps retrospective on the journey so far.

In 2012 I left my previous job and have been working on Scraps full-time for about three years now, mostly on my own, but with some contract work more recently from Dave doing the AI and helping to get the Internet/Steamworks connectivity up and running. Its been a while, but then doing all the design, coding, art, modelling, sound, music etc yourself is always going to take a while. I probably scoped this game a lot bigger than I should have originally, but it’s starting to look a lot like the game I always imagined playing.

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Scraps Weekly Games reminder

A while ago a few people organised an unofficial “Weekly Game” where people would try to come onto Scraps multiplayer at the same time to play together. These have been going on for a while now and they’re sometimes more popular than others, but if you’re looking for people to play against, coming on at one of these times is probably your best bet:

There’s no official server to join – either people join one of my official ones or they create their own with custom settings. Again these are just unofficial things – no guarantees of attendance – but it’s been good fun in the past.

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