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Report on Scraps at PAX Australia 2014

I’m back from PAX Australia. What a huge event. The Melbourne Convention centre is massive, lots of people came though, lots of cool games that I wish I had more time to check out.


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Human players no longer necessary

Not much time for a big update today. Scraps will be at PAX Australia in Melbourne this time next week with playable multiplayer. And here’s a video of the in-progress AI fighting amongst themselves:
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PAX prep and some rudimentary AI work

What’s been going on in the two weeks since the DigitalNationz expo? Let’s take a trip to the World Of Yesterday…

I’ve got some PAX prep to do that isn’t coding stuff. Preparing booth content, contacting press etc. The PAX booth has a big double-banner – two tall banners right next to each other. I made some art for them:



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Scraps at Digital Nationz 2014

I took Scraps to Digital Nationz in Auckland NZ all day on Saturday. Set up two laptops with 1v1 mutliplayer.

It was good times. I have lots more notes from seeing people play plus some suggestions. Good to have something proper for people to play, and some people stayed and played for quite a while which was good to see.

For PAX I’m going to try and source another laptop. 1v1 is okay but often someone is building a vehicle and the other person is stuck waiting, which isn’t so great. Four laptops would be even better, but I don’t think I even have that much booth space.

Dev work continues – in the last week I’ve been mostly bug fixing and getting through the rest of my list of minor changes from the last lot of playtesting. Now I’ve got three more pages of notes, but it’s all good stuff (meaning it’s things like “repair mode should allow…” rather than “game crashes if…”). :)


Builder demo update, and Scraps at DIGITAL NATIONZ

A builder demo update this week fixes some issues with the previous release which added damageable parts, plus it adds a Russian language translation(!) thanks to another helpful volunteer translator.

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Some internal LAN playtesting

On Sunday I did some proper LAN play testing. The basic game mechanics are all working and synchronising nicely over the network. I’ve now got a whole lot of notes on minor bugs and issues, and game mechanics that need to be tweaked, but none of it is serious stuff. No crashes, no major synchronisation issues, no terrible problems with the game mechanics, and my playtesters didn’t want to stop playing which has to be a good sign.

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