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Coming Soon to Scraps

It’s been a couple of weeks since the last update so I’d like to show what’s going on, even though there’s about a week remaining until the next update.

Large chassis:

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Adding a subtitle: Modular Vehicle Combat

It’s been suggested to me that the name “Scraps” on its own is not very searchable. Despite the fact the Google loves to return me Scraps game related results, I’m very much inclined to agree. I must concede that Google certainly knows I search for Scraps the game a lot, and other types of scrap… never.

Therefore Scraps shall henceforth officially include a subtitle: Scraps: Modular Vehicle Combat.

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Scraps v0.5.1.6 – A Beautiful Collision

I haven’t been making a post for each small update but I’ve made a few recently:

2015-08 – and
– Revamped collision damage calculations.

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Scraps v0.1.5.2 – New aiming mode, score multipliers

This update brings a new aiming mode which is now the default, where selected weapons will only fire if they’re aiming near where you’re aiming.

Proximity Aiming mode

You can press R to switch the mode on and off. It’s super useful for vehicles with weapons facing in different directions, and actually pretty useful for any type of vehicle (except ones with no weapons…).

This update also adds score multipliers that come from destroying vehicles without getting destroyed. At the top left you’ll see a “x2” etc after destroying vehicles (up to a maximum x3) – if you destroy someone when you’re at x2 for instance, you’ll get double points.


Basically the idea is to add some incentive to try and stay alive and repair/upgrade when damaged, versus the alternative of self-destructing. Although self-destruct loses you a point and potentially gives a point to someone else, the extra time spent on the Build screen not earning points sometimes offsets that alone. In the future I’m also planning to make repairing able to automatically add back parts that have been destroyed, which should speed up time spent on the build screen a little. Anyway, it’s fun to try and stay alive and kicking.

The multiplier system will quite possibly need some tweaking for balance – I’ll see how it goes.

Full changelog:

2015-08 –
– Added “proximity firing” mode, now on by default. Sets weapons to fire only if they’re aiming near the crosshair. Press R to switch.
– Added score multipliers for “killstreaks” – destroying multiple vehicles without being destroyed.
– Changed the assist points system a little in regards to vehicles that destroy themselves.
– Some general wreckage balancing. Also made wreckage easier to pick up.
– Sped up aim around in chase cam camera mode.
– Made game camera always default to the orbit cam on entering a new game. Having the camera save its setting only really caused confusion.
– Balance: Increased collision damage a little.
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed a bug with terrain dirt FX.


Scraps v0.5.1.1

Just some minor changes today.

2015-08 –
– Desaturated terrain and dirt FX in Low Gravity mode
– Improved some text alignment in the Lobby
– Balance: A few minor weapon stat tweaks
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed scoreboard ordering half-points incorrectly
– Ramp on the Test Map no longer takes damage outside of test mode (it wasn’t supposed to and it’d get messed up/out of sync)
– Fixed the “press spacebar to change vehicle” text no longer always appearing when it should.


Scraps v0.5.1.0 – Assist points, Low Gravity mode, game balance, bug fixes

You can now get assist points for helping to destroy a vehicle so “kill stealing” is less of an issue. I’ve been thinking about potentially more complex solutions that would also help direct gameplay, and you can join the discussion here, but this should help for now.

There’s also a new Low Gravity game modifier that you can select and apply to any game, and for the next 24 hours or so I’m also running an official Low Gravity game server (the LOW GRAVITY ZONE).

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