Scraps is a game by Moment Studio, based in New Zealand. Moment Studio is just me, with an occasional little bit of contract work. Hi.


Any feedback, questions, press etc, please email
I may not have time to reply to every email, but I do read everything.


Yes please. There’s a Press Kit page here. Feel free to contact me at the email address above about information, interviews, game access, or anything else relating to Scraps.

YouTubers/Streamers, yes you are welcome to make gameplay videos of Scraps, monetised or not. A link back here in the description would be great.

Reporting Bugs & Crashes

Please describe what happened and if possible, how the bug can be reproduced.

It can help a great deal to also send through your output log. After the issue occurs, close the game and don’t run it again yet (the log overwrites itself each time the game runs). Then:

On Windows:

  • In Steam, right-click Scraps in your library, click Properties, LOCAL FILES tab, then BROWSE LOCAL FILES…
  • In the Scraps_Data folder, copy out the output_log.txt file.

On Mac OSX:

  • In Finder, open the Go menu and “Go to Folder”. Paste in ~/Library/Logs/Unity and go there.
  • In the Scraps_Data folder, copy out the Player.log file.

On Linux:

  • Go to ~/.config/unity3d/Moment Studio/Scraps and copy out the Player.log file

The bugs and crashes email is:

Note: On Steam, there is also a small chance of updates messing up an install. You can try a cleanup of your install with “Verify integrity of game cache.”