Scraps is a game by Moment Studio, based in New Zealand. Moment Studio is just me, with an occasional little bit of contract work. Hi.


Any feedback, questions, press etc, please email
I may not have time to reply to every email, but I do read everything.


Yes please. There’s a Press Kit page here. Feel free to contact me at the email address above about information, interviews, game access, or anything else relating to Scraps.

YouTubers/Streamers, yes you are welcome to make gameplay videos of Scraps, monetised or not. A link back here in the description would be great.

Bug & Crash Reports


Please describe what happened and if possible, how the bug can be reproduced.


Please describe:

  • What you were doing when the crash happened (and does it happen every time?).
  • What the error message was if there was one.
  • What version of Scraps you’re running (bottom-left corner on the main menu, or the latest Changelog entry in the Readme.txt file).

It may help to also include your computer’s hardware details.
The game also dumps out crash logs which may be helpful to send.

The bugs and crashes email is: