Gauntlet mode: Score system

Gauntlet tasks to do before initial release

Get local games fully working
Object for holding game state in Gauntlet mode
Auto-repair system + vehicle swap ability
Gauntlet game flow from menu to end
Score system
– Level generation tweaks
– Update scrap drop system
– Item unlock system
– Update How To Play screens
– Test and balance gameplay
– Music?


The trick to not making a terrible score system in a game is to make sure it rewards a type of gameplay that’s actually fun. If it rewards playing the game in the way you actually intended, well that’s a nice bonus.

In Gauntlet I’ve set the score to be based on total enemy scrap destroyed – get points for destroying stuff that shoots back, get more points for harder stuff. Then an added bonus for time to complete the level. I think I’m going to add a base score for just clearing a level as well.

Check this GUI out, it even has actual transition FX:

(ignore the time there – levels won’t take 16 minutes…)

  • If there was no time bonus, score for each level would end up much the same as long as you cleared every enemy, no matter how good you were.
  • If there was no enemy scrap bonus, players could try to get a high score just be avoiding all enemies and going directly to the exit.

Although, I do like allowing different strategies which is why I might add a base level clear bonus as well. If the player avoids enemies they won’t be able to collect scrap from them, which will leave them with a weaker vehicle, so there’s still a balance in challenge there.

Turret revamp

The first Gauntlet level is mostly turrets because they’re the easy enemy to fight, and it kind of sucked because you can’t do much but sit and shoot at a stationary turret. I’ve tweaked their stats so they won’t take so long to kill but that’s still a bit boring, so I’ve also revamped them to have separate top components. All the gun parts will be separate components that can be shot off, meaning if your aim is good you can take out a turret more efficiently. Once the top is destroyed, the base automatically loses most of its health as well so it’s not a chore to dispatch the remaining disabled foundation. Heatsinks/generators on the back are separate components as well and the guns overheat or fire less often when they’re destroyed.

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