Scraps v0.5.1.0 – Assist points, Low Gravity mode, game balance, bug fixes

You can now get assist points for helping to destroy a vehicle so “kill stealing” is less of an issue. I’ve been thinking about potentially more complex solutions that would also help direct gameplay, and you can join the discussion here, but this should help for now.

There’s also a new Low Gravity game modifier that you can select and apply to any game, and for the next 24 hours or so I’m also running an official Low Gravity game server (the LOW GRAVITY ZONE).

Low Grav AI

Full changelog:

2015-07 –
– Add Low Gravity game option.
– Added “assist” points for score and XP.
– Redesigned SMG to give it a little left/right movement.
– Balance: Increased engine efficiency multiplier a little. Cars with multiple engines will get a little faster.
– Balance: For Laser and Tesla, see Bug Fixes.
– Balance: Reduced Plasma rotate speed.
– Balance: Reduced Plasma and Large Cannon fire rates a little.
– Balance: Reduced container scrap capacity slightly from 2100 to 2000.
– Weapon damage spread stats look bigger, but the calculation has changed, and things now get knocked around a bit less in general.
– Some improvement for “teleporting” at high latency in multiplayer.
– Re-wrote the modal overlay (loading screen) system to poll state instead of reference count. I knew reference counting would be bug prone and lo, it was.
– Chat stays up a bit longer (you can always see recent chat by pressing T as well).
– Chat text and the round timer on the Build screen don’t get in the way of each other quite so much.
– Updated fan translations for Russian, Swedish and Danish, and added a new French translation.
– AI players get a little (AI) designation by their name, and their full difficulty setting info on the leaderboard.
– Some changes to collision damage calculations.
– Started putting full-stops at the end of changelog entries.
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed laser and Tesla weapons only draining half the stated power, and laser also doing half damage. Balanced their stats a little after fixing.
– Remove some minor light halo effects due to an old, old Unity engine bug. Thought I had a workaround but apparently not in every situation.
– Fixed player scores not resetting between rounds.
– Fixed scrap and round length settings not applying if the field was still active when Deploy was clicked.
– End Of Round chat font now matches the in-game chat font.
– Fixed minor text misalignment on chat.
– Fixed server list jumping around in the background while entering a password.

Low Gravity 2

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