Scraps 0.2.3 update

Available for download here as usual.

I wasn’t going to do an update to the builder demo just yet, but I’ve fixed some major stuff so it’s worth making it live.

The Mac mouse offset bug should be fixed, where the mouse cursor showed in a different place to where it actually was on first run. Please let me know if it still happens to you.

The other major thing is that I was flying through the air in my test vehicle and I fired the cannon, and the vehicle didn’t rotate. It moved sideways, but didn’t rotate like it should have. So I checked the code and found that when firing weapons the equal-and-opposite force from the gun being fired has always been applied to the centre of the vehicle instead of the place where the bullet was actually fired from. Additionally, when projectile weapons hit stuff, they were also applying their hit force to the centre of the object that was hit instead of the point where they hit.

So now with the fix, vehicles get thrown around a lot more, particularly from the large cannon firing. Especially since I also recently boosted the cannon’s power a bit. It’s way better now, by which I mean worse, by which I mean way better.

List of changes in this release:

2013-09 – 0.2.3
– Tweaked projectile weapon FX, mostly to make them more visible at a distance too
– Some minor performance fixes
– Weapon checks if they can fire now correctly take the barrel width into account
– Tweaked weapons
– Improved sound manager
Bug Fixes:
– Fixed bug where on first run on some Macs, the cursor would be offset from where the mouse actually was
– Fixed being able to place a weapon barrel overlapping a Red Zone, but not place a Red Zone overlapping a weapon barrel
– Fixed cannons that can’t fire still being able to rotate on the Y axis (and clip through anything!)
– Fixed several bugs that made setting key bindings a bit dodgy
– Fixed equal-and-opposite force when firing weapons always pushing from the center of the vehicle instead of the gun’s firing position
– Fixed projectile hits also adding force to the center of objects instead of where they hit!

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