Mac version fix

I got a report that the Mac version of the builder demo wasn’t working on OS 10.9 (Mavericks). Sure enough, after an OS upgrade I could reproduce the issue.

For version 2.8 I switched from a 32-bit build to a universal build that should auto-select 32- or 64-bit. Unfortunately for whatever reason this causes the screen to flash and then display blank on newer OS X versions (the game is audibly working in the background, but you can’t see it).

I’ve reverted it back to 32-bit only and everything seems to be fine. Any performance difference is negligible anyway.

Also for Mac users: On OS 10.8 and onward, Gatekeeper may give you an “unknown developer” message when you try to run Scraps. To get around it, you can right-click Scraps instead and choose Open, then Open again. It shouldn’t ask you again after that. It’s true that I am an “unknown developer” to Apple, but to make the message go away they want me to pay them $99USD/year. While that’s not an unaffordable amount, it feels a little bit too much like extortion.

Internally I’ve been mostly fixing bugs this week. I re-wrote the system that works out the available range on weapons to use a whole different method, and that’s fixed all the known bugs in the existing system. It also generally runs faster and sometimes gives slightly more optimal results – sometimes there isn’t only one option for how to reduce the range as necessary, so it tries to decide intelligently in a way that’ll leave you the most range available.

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