Builder demo 0.2.6 – Updated graphics and stuff

Just a small update mostly to make things look a little bit better. Download here as usual.

Some people on the forum also asked for a longer straight and maybe a ramp. There was no good reason not to do this so a long straight and sweet ramp are now also included in the test map.

Sweet ramp

Fig.1 : A sweet ramp

One day, the whole test map needs an overhaul to not just be a random jumble of hills, but it’s functional enough for now.


2013-11 – 0.2.6
- Texture improvement on terrain
- Changed graphics to a more cel-shaded style
- Added skid smoke and dirt particle effects
- End caps for edge walls
- Revamped main menu (still very basic)
- Added a long straight to the test map
- Added a sweet ramp
- Wheel grip now changes based on terrain
Bug Fixes:
- Fixed engine sounds starting briefly at high RPM instead of idle
- Some screen res stuff

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