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Weekly update and some semi-bad news for Scraps

Let’s get the bad news out of the way first. Last week I got a nice job offer that I’ve accepted. And it had to be a full-time position, so it’s not going to leave much remaining time for Scraps. It’s an offer that I would be silly to ignore in favour of my obscure […]


Gauntlet mode in development: Still level building

This week I’ve been mostly placing content in Gauntlet mode levels. I did make an SMG drone as a less deadly version of the the existing MMG drone: I also made a little Unity editor prefab placer script which I’ll share for any Unity devs out there.

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Scraps v0.5.6.1

Changelog – Revamped the code that shows other player’s vehicles in multiplayer. Their movement is now smoother, while not being any more delayed – Much improved vehicle collisions between laggy players as well. No more flying across the map! – Reduced some unnecessary network traffic – Added option to have a radar in melee […]


Scraps v0.5.6.0

2016-8 – – Reduced XP required to unlock some later parts a little. Final unlock is at 4000XP versus the previous 4700XP – Added eight stationary turrets to the test map to facilitate testing armour etc Bug Fixes: – Fixed several null reference exceptions that could occur when vehicle parts were destroyed – Players […]