Monthly Archives: March 2016

Scraps v0.5.4.2

I just wanted to do a small fix-up update today to tidy some things up: 2016-3 – – Some performance improvements, mainly on CPU (the previous terrain graphics upgrade made CPU performance worse) – Added some grungy texture to scene objects in general – No more lag spike (one-frame FPS drop) the first time […]

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Scraps v0.5.4.1

– Main Menu layout changes – AI players now show in the server info – If an AI player gets kicked from a game by a human player joining with no free slots, when a slot is free again they’ll now come back… for revenge Bug Fixes: – Fixed rotation range calc bug – Fixed […]

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Scraps v0.5.4.0

The latest Scraps update adds a little air control, a save format upgrade, tweaked weapon hit forces, and a terrain graphics upgrade. Full changelog:

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