Monthly Archives: March 2015

Game Progression

Not a lot to write this time as most work has been on code that just isn’t that interesting to show. I’ve been through the high severity bugs and fixed all of them (although I’m sure more will appear). I’ve been through all ~200 TODOs in the code and fixed all the ones that needed […]

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Concluding the NavMesh saga

Last time I talked about the fight I was having with Unity’s built-in NavMesh system, trying to get it to generate a bit of  a more complex mesh than it was really designed for.

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AI Player Navigation and Unity NavMeshes

AI Players in Scraps currently use a navmesh to work out a path from where they are to where they want to go. Unity comes with a built-in NavMesh system which is really nice and easy to use, until you want to do anything fancy. I’ve been trying to wrangle some better meshes out of it.

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