Monthly Archives: June 2014

Another bug-fix update for the builder demo

A minor update for the builder demo, fixing some issues that have come up recently and adding a Danish language file. 2014-06 – – Added Danish language translation text – Increased machine-gun ray visibility Bug Fixes: – Fixed text caret offset bug – Fixed a couple of visual glitches with the Small Mechine Gun […]

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Minor fix for text caret position

Oops, I had a fix for this but I forgot to merge it into the recent build. If your text caret (the little vertical bar) and selection highlighting is offset from where it should be in the save dialog, like this: I’ve just updated the build to put it back in the right place. It […]

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Multiplayer work

Recently I’ve been working mainly on multiplayer in Scraps. Here’s a video update on what’s done so far and how things are working: (it’s best if you’ve got sound; there’s an explanatory voice-over)

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