Monthly Archives: April 2014

I’ve updated the builder demo to fix a crash bug that was in

Last’s week’s builder demo update had an unfortunate bug where the game would occasionally crash when loading a vehicle. I’ve updated the download with a fix that should put a stop to it. I suspected that it would be something to do with the new vehicle price previews I’ve added, but it turned out to […]

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A builder demo update and some technical details

First of all, I’ve integrated some of my recent work on Scraps into the builder demo release, which as always is available here. In this release: 2014-04 – – Weapon tracers are now a post-render effect. Improves visibility at distance, and faster to process – Added camera shake effects – Added more terrain dirt […]

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Development, development, development

So what has been happening with Scraps in the last two weeks? Let’s find out… One thing I did was switch the whole terrain effects system around because previously, each vehicle would check through each of its wheels and see if it was touching the ground, and if it was, it’d generate the appropriate effects […]

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