Monthly Archives: March 2014

Progress on Dust Bowl map and gameplay elements

As mentioned in the last fortnightly update, work in the last couple of weeks has been a bit disrupted since I was also moving house. Here’s a video showing a bit of new content though: What I called “Repair Pads” last time should probably be called Evac Pads. I could allow them to repair your […]

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Fixes for the builder release:

A few bugs have been found and fixed in the builder release since I last mentioned the version release, some more serious than others. I also managed to reduce the download size a bit so it’s only around 40MB now instead of 60. Nothing’s removed, it’s mostly just got better compression. Fixes since […]

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Scraps fortnightly update #3: Working on a map

This week has been a little disrupted and the next two weeks are going to be worse, because I’m moving house. However:

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