Monthly Archives: November 2013

Scraps Kickstarter Is Go

Right, it’s time to get this ball (car?) rolling. Here’s the Scraps funding campaign on Kickstarter: I’m now looking for a bit of help to support Scraps’ development and if you’d like to pledge $20NZD (only $16USD) or more, you can also secure yourself a copy of the alpha release (and the final when […]

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0.2.7: The all-important Cowcatcher Update

Fixed a few things from 0.2.6. I feel like the updates have been pretty boring for a while since I’m always working on either invisible things you can’t see, or multiplayer stuff that you won’t see until it’s all finished. I don’t have time to add something really awesome but, added cowcatcher. 0.2.7 – Downgraded […]

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Builder demo 0.2.6 – Updated graphics and stuff

Just a small update mostly to make things look a little bit better. Download here as usual. Some people on the forum¬†also asked for a longer straight and maybe a ramp. There was no good reason not to do this so a long straight and sweet ramp are now also included in the test map. […]

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