Monthly Archives: August 2013

Small update – Scraps v0.2.2

Small update to Scraps: – Improved level boundaries – Improved projectile collision calculations – Beefed up bullet effects a little bit Bug fixes: – Fixed vehicle physics occasionally freezing when they shouldn’t on the build screen (I think…) The edge walls disappeared on the last update, but now they’re back and slightly improved:

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0.2.1 Maintenance Release

A slight update, mainly with fixes for a few things in the 0.2.0 release: Changes: – Made the in-game “gun can’t fire” sound louder – Made it clearer when guns can’t fire on the build screen – When deleting all user data, deleting user vehicles is now optional Bug Fixes: – Fixed an issue with […]

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Scraps 0.2.0 update

I’ve been working on fixing and tidying up a bunch of things in the core game, and it’s time for a big update. I’m avoiding adding new content if I can until the alpha release, so this might not add much in the way of exciting new features, but it does make things a bit […]

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